Pending orders .1% Maker fees --
Instant Orders .2% Taker fees --
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Use our cryptocurrency trading fees calculator to accurately simulate how much a crypto exchange will charge you to buy and sell cryptocurrencies for pending orders (maker fees) and instant orders (taker fees).

What is a Crypto Exchange Fees Calculator?

The crypto exchange fees calculator is useful to simulate how much a trader will pay in trading commissions to sell or buy a cryptocurrency. It can also be used to find out which crypto exchange has the lower trading commissions for a particular token, by comparing the fees structure of hundreds of exchanges.

By using this calculator traders will know, in the denominated fees, how much an exchange charges for pending orders (the maker fees) and instant orders (the taker fees). The maker fees are trading commissions applied by the exchange to pending orders, such as a sell stop order or a buy limit order. The taker fees instead are applied to instant orders, such as market orders.