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Use our cryptocurrency trading fees calculator to accurately simulate how much a crypto exchange will charge you to buy and sell cryptocurrencies for pending orders (maker fees) and instant orders (taker fees).

What is a Crypto Exchange Fees Calculator?

The crypto exchange fees calculator is useful to simulate how much a trader will pay in trading commissions to sell or buy a cryptocurrency. It can also be used to find out which crypto exchange has the lower trading commissions for a particular token, by comparing the fees structure of hundreds of exchanges.

By using this calculator traders will know, in the denominated fees, how much an exchange charges for pending orders (the maker fees) and instant orders (the taker fees). The maker fees are trading commissions applied by the exchange to pending orders, such as a sell stop order or a buy limit order. The taker fees instead are applied to instant orders, such as market orders.

How to Use the Crypto Exchange Fees Calculator

Exchange/Provider: Choose between hundreds of CEXs and DEXs, including the most popular crypto exchanges in the world, such as Binance, Bybit. Kraken and Coinbase. We will choose for our example the FTX exchange.

Fees Denomination: In this field you should select the cryptocurrency (or fiat currency) used to pay for the trading fees. This fee denominator will be used to display the calculated results in the end. For our example, we will choose the FTT (FXT token).

Buying/Receiving: In this field we select the currency that we want to buy/sell. Choose from thousands of cryptos and fiat currencies (useful for the exchanges that support fiat to crypto, such as the EUR/USDT). For our example we are interested in buying some SHIB tokens. So, we select Shiba Inu.

Paying with/Selling: Simply select the exchanging currency versus the buying/receiving currency of the previous field. On our example, we want to trade SHIB/USDT on the FXT exchange, so, we will select USDT as the paying with/selling currency.

Amount (1): Nothing easier, simply input the amount of tokens you wish to buy/sell. For our example, we want to buy 10M SHIB, so we input 10000000.

Amount (2): This field is automatic and will display the transaction value converted into the paying with/selling currency, selected previously. So, for our example, 10M SHIB at the current SHIB/USDT rate on the FTX exchange, will cost us 102.18 USDT.

Then, we hit the "Calculate" button.

The results: The calculator uses the latest maker and taker fees as reported by each CEX (or DEX) for the calculations. So, for our example, a pending order (buy limit) to buy 10M SHIB would cost us 0.000878 FTT in trading commissions.

If instead we don't want to wait for the price to come down to our buy level, we can just use a market order and buy instantly 10M SHIB. In this case, we would be paying the taker fees, which, according to our crypto exchange fees calculator, will be 0.00307 FTT.

On this calculator there's also an extra option, allowing users to set a custom fee rate (useful for traders on different tiers with discounted fees). Users can also click a link to the crypto exchange fee schedule and check out the different tiers and fee structures.

Lastly, we partner with some of the most reputable and popular crypto exchanges around the world to offer our users crypto exchange trading fees discounts. When you use our sign-up links or referral codes, you can save up to 20% on your trading costs!

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