What are forex rebates?

Forex rebates are a portion of the transaction cost that is paid back to the client on each trade, resulting in a lower spread and improved win ratio. For example, if your rebate is 1 pip and the spread is 3 pips, then your net spread is only 2 pips.

Many traders initially believe there must be higher costs elsewhere to compensate, however they soon find there is no catch and Forex rebates truly reduce the costs of the transaction and improve their bottom line.

How do forex rebates work?

First time visitors to our website are often either skeptical or already aware of the benefits of our forex rebates service. When you open a trading account through us we earn a commission from your broker for each trade you place, from this commission we in turn pay you a rebate. Your spreads will remain the same as if you had opened an account directly with the broker. The only difference is a client who opens their account through us receives a rebate for each trade. If you have any questions please contact our support staff via email, live chat, or phone. Please read further on below for more details about our company and service.
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Our service pays you cash for each trade you place at industry leading forex brokers. Your spreads and trading conditions will never increase as a result of using our service. This would be counterintuitive to a trader's best interest and thus, our business model. Cash rebates are paid on a monthly basis. We work with a large selection of the industry's most popular brokerage firms. Our friendly and knowledgeable support staff is available to assist with questions or problems 9:00AM to 5:00PM EST via live chat, telephone, and email.

Why forex rebates work

You may be wondering, how can we pay you for each trade without your spreads being increased? It is a great question, and the answer is simple. We are paid a commission by the broker for introducing new business to them and these payments are given to us with each trade you place. We in turn keep a portion of the commission and pass the rest to our client as a rebate. Our clients get the same spreads as if they had opened an account directly with the broker, the only difference is a client that goes through us gets a cash rebate for every trade placed on their account.

When And How Will I Receive My Payment?

Rebates are paid on a monthly basis no later than the 12th of the month following the month commissions were earned in. The actual payment date varies based on the broker(s) and payment method you choose, please see the FAQ for more detailed information.

How To Choose A Broker

You can view and analyze the data for each broker on our broker comparison table, and by clicking on each broker individually for additional information. If you feel you need assistance selecting a broker, please do not hesitate to contact us, we are here to help.